All the following kite were flown on Sunday 8 October

I'll have a P please Bob


Tri D Box


Black Hole


Spooky Cat


Even Spookier


Alan's Double Eddy Box


My Expensive Robert Brasington  ( cool tail )


Alan's Parrot


Swallow and Tri D  (does that swallow look like Mr Incredible )


Three together


Jenny's Delta ( I hope Alan asked for permission )




Sunshine Eddy


4 together



Alan's Prism


25th Wedding Anniversary Kite

Alan's Fizz


Purple Cody  ( I should just say, there should have been a picture my Croydon Box, but just as I was going to take           

                             photo the wind broke the spreader, not a pretty sight, it did go with a bang )


A flock of Sea Gulls


Everyone else has gone home